Abigail Folger's Murder

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this from wikipedia...

Followers of Charles Manson broke into the house in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 9, 1969. When one of them (Susan Atkins) passed her bedroom door, Abigail, believing the woman was a friend of the Polanskis, waved and smiled to the intruder. When the occupants of the house were assembled in the living room, their captors asked if any of them had any money. Abigail responded that she did and was led to her bedroom to empty her purse. On returning to the living room, the four friends were tied together. After being stabbed and struggling with the murderers, she managed to escape the house only to be overcome on the lawn outside by Patricia Krenwinkel. She was stabbed twenty-eight times and died from a stab wound to the aorta. Allegedly, Folger's dying words were, "You can stop now; I'm already dead." Although coroners found a large amount of the drug MDA in her system, they reached the conclusion that she was fully aware of what was happening when the attack occurred.

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