Scott Walker

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Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. a dit...

Good to see Scott, Glitch

Blogger glitch a dit...

yet better still to listen to "the drift"...greatest work. shame he just puts out an album every 11 years...the next one will catch him on his 70s!
but i guess he's the opposite of sef-indulgent

Blogger Cocaine Jesus a dit...

vast talent that turned his back on showbiz. bowie should do a covers album. big louise is my favourite song but i haven't yet heard 'the drift'.

Blogger glitch a dit...

i'm afraid bowie might fall off that tightrope

i know b.'s your hero, but i haven't been affected by his late output. might as well have retired after "modern love", though i haven't heard the album he did with eno in the 90s.
some scattered songs, maybe...

whilst walker is still growing strong

maybe HE (scott) could put out a bowie covers album. i'd like to hear that. and the songs would be ready made, so he wouldn't have to scratch his head about songwriting, just getting the approach and feeling right...

Blogger murmurists a dit...

I tend to agree about Bowie. But one or two things he's done in the last 20 years are worth listening to. He took a lot from Walker.

CJ - Big Louise ... Nice one. Such a Small Love this end.

I'll mail re The Drift. You MUST hear it asap.

As you say, Glitch, Walker is still growing strong. The Drift is even better than Tilt. He's a genius; unparalleled and unequaled - both as a composer in 'rock' (or whatever) and as a lyricist in whatever sphere - in my view.

Blogger glitch a dit...

i agree with you. sure bowie took a lot from walker, and i think walker took some bits of bowie in return... don't you you hear berlin period bowie influences on "night flights", for instance. or maybe it was in the air...

i don't want ot get all hyperbolical but scott's a hero. and lyrics wise i think he's a poet of the highest order. he sets it to music to stunning effect, but i think "the drift" would work equally well "a capella"...

Blogger cocaine jesus a dit...

sorry, thought and still do, that modern love was at best ok.
1.outside is as good as anything bowie has ever done.
bowie certainly doesn't have the voice of scott but he certainly has a similar boundary probing mind.
and yes, they seem to be mates.

Blogger cocaine jesus a dit...

ps. i agree with a lot of what you say re'mister b.not the talent he was but far better than the press he gets.


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